Everything happens for a reason.

14 Sep


I can’t say that I’ve ever really been one to belive in “signs”, but soon after Jeremy and I had the discussion of adoption, there were just too many weird coincidences. Enough to make me think we were definitely making the right decision.

I’ve always wanted to adopt. Always. I can remember being 13 or 14 years old and thinking it would be real cool to adopt one day. See, my mom had a child (actually both my parents did), before my parents even knew each other. My mom was young (18-ish, maybe), living in the Philippines in a very bad area and being Catholic, adoption really was her only option. She didn’t have much to support her baby on her own, so she made the tough decision in hopes of  giving him a better life. This is something I grew up knowing. As far as I can remember, I always knew I had a half-brother out there somewhere. And maybe that was what gave me the desire to adopt. All I know is, I always had that desire.

Fast-forward to now. I’m pretty sure I told Jeremy of my desire to adopt as soon as the kiddie convo came up. Recently, the discussion came up more and more of starting the process. We immediately agreed that we wanted to adopt Internationally, from the Philippines. It really was an easy choice for us since both myself and my husband are Hapa. Not only hapa, but half-Filipino, half-Caucasion. We felt it would be most beneficial (for us and the child) to have a child where we share the same nationality. Our future child would have grandma’s from both sides who are Filipino, born and raised.

One of the “head honchos” at my workplace had adopted the most adorable lil’ girl from Korea about a year ago. I had been wanting to talk to him about it and ask him about his experience adopting Internationally, but with him being “boss” and me just a peon and us not having the sorda relationship where I can be like, “Hey, so tell me about your adopted daughter”, I didn’t know how to go about talking to him. To be honest, I was a lil’ intimidated to ask him about it. Is asking families, you don’t really know, about their adoption personal? Is it rude? Coincidentally, this “head honcho” came into my office (to give me praise on a project I was working on), so I bit the bullet and asked him about going through an International Adoption.  Why is this a weird coincidence, well, because not too many people come into the building I work in, him included. The odds of him visiting my building, let alone coming into my office to talk to me, is rare. And he was great. He really went into the whole story as to what lead them to adoption. At the end of our conversation, he said, “If you’ve made that decision to adopt and know you want to go through with it, don’t wait. Just do it.” He said that is was such a loooong process, that the thing he regretted the most was not starting the process sooner. He said, don’t worry about the money. It will come. This was exactly what I needed to hear.

So I did my research. I googled, read forums, checked out government sites, found out which in-state agencies handled International adoption and which agencies did International adoptions with the Philippines, which were government and Hauge approved…..I did my research. In the end, I had narrowed it down to 2 agencies. Luckily, one was having an informational meeting within the next month in my area.

A few days before the scheduled info meeting, I met with a friend for dinner.  I had told her that Jeremy and I had decided to actively pursue adoption weeks before. She is a kindergarten teacher and had a couple of students who were adopted in her class. She had told one of her student’s mother about me and not only was this lady sweet enough to give my friend her contact information to give to  me (in case I had any questions or just wanted to talk about adoption), turned out this lady had used the exact same agency that we had a meeting with for her adoption. And RAVED about them. My friend totally thought it was a sign. This agency was an hour and a half away, so while the odds weren’t super low that this lady had used the same agency, they weren’t super, super high either. This obviously got me more excited to meet with this agency; I really was hoping that I would love them.

And I did. Jeremy and I met with a representative from this specific adoption agency and she was great; very laid back, down to earth, honest. We learned that she was the local representative/social worker for the agency, which meant she was at an arms reach if we needed her, rather than an hour and a half away, where the agency HQ is located. She would be the one  “dealing” with us throughout the WHOLE adoption, she would be conducting our homestudy and so on. It was a nice reassurance to be meeting the person who would help us along this journey and it was even more reassuring that we really liked her. And just like that, we found our agency.

::drumroll puuuulease::
Pearl S. Buck International


One Response to “Everything happens for a reason.”

  1. Kristin ~ Bien Living Design September 28, 2010 at 7:39 PM #

    I would definitely take all of that as a sign 🙂

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