::heart:: our agency

17 Sep

Here is the short list of reasons why we luuuurved Pearl S. Buck International Welcome House:
1. They accept ALL religions. I read through a few adoption blogs out there and it seems like EVERYONE is Christian. Even when I was researching agencies, a lot of them were Christian based. Not a big deal, but it was refreshing to find an agency that was a non-sectarian, non-denominational organization and does not discriminate on the basis of religion; especially since we are not Christian.
2. Reason #1 leads me to believe that Pearl S. Buck is open-minded. They also “accept” same-sex couples. Love it.
3. They are non-profit.
4. They aren’t done with you when the adoption is final. They offer tons of counseling, support groups, and cultural events for you and your family to enjoy! Whether you are an adoptee, an adoptive parent, or birth relative, the Welcome House Search Program can assist you if the adoption was processed through Welcome House or the Pearl S. Buck Foundation. How cool is that?!
5. We loved Pearl S. Buck because we found other people who adopted through them and loved them too. Word of mouth from other people is the best testimate there is!


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