Adoption Rocks Fundraiser!

3 Jan

I’m kicking off 2011 with our first fundraiser!!

Yes, I am totally biased and think our shirts are awesome!
They are pre-shrunk cotton (brand is Gildan). The logo is screen printed on. I currently have Medium, Large and X-Large available in Adult sizes. If there is a great interest in Youth or other Adult sizes, let me know and I’ll try to put another order in. In fact, I would luuuuurve to have to put another order in!!

$20 donation per shirt plus $3 for shipping. CLICK HERE TO ORDER
WordPress won’t let me set-up a check out link, so to order the shirts, you have to go here: CLICK HERE TO ORDER


2 Responses to “Adoption Rocks Fundraiser!”

  1. Ashley Langton January 3, 2011 at 6:23 PM #


    I noticed you like photography.. you could make A LOT by offering free photography services! I guarantee that would be a very popular item to raffle!

    The “pride thing” can be overcome if you have something to offer in return to businesses/friends that you ask for donated items or services from. We offered advertising at our event. We had 2 restaurants that donated gift certificates and we gave them free advertising at our event. We let them choose how they wanted to advertise. One just wanted their name near the raffle items and the other gave us their place settings with coupons on them to put out on the tables. The restaurants were more than happy to give a gift certificate in exchange for advertising. If you get things lined up with donated items to raffle far enough in advance, you can also advertise for the businesses/individuals on your flyers/letters for people promoting your event (Zumbathon). If you don’t have any connections to small business owners or are still unwilling to swallow that pride and ask for donated items, people have had a lot of success asking local distributors of home-based business for donated items. For example: Mary Kay, Avon, Herbalife, Monavie, Pampered Chef, etc. Even if you have to let that person be at your event so they can advertise by mingling with people, DO IT! They are offering you free items in order for you to make money- in exchange let them advertise how they want. Most will not want to be at your event, just maybe a business card offered or something similar. If you are not willing to ask local home-based business owners for their help, you are going to have to brainstorm people you know that own their own business or have unique services to offer. Even if they are not close friends, contact them and tell them what you are trying to do and offer them advertising of their choice (within reason of course). You’ll actually be suprised at how many businesses even individuals would be willing to offer something to be raffled off. Do you have friends that have a hobby like knitting, sewing, cooking… ask if they would mind creating something to be raffled off at your event. Do you know anyone that likes to babysit? Ask them if they wouldn’t mind raffling off a few hours of free babysitting. You could do this yourself! You can even purchase small things to raffle that you would probably create a decent return on. You yourself can purcase a restaurant gift certificate, movie gift certificate, a manicure/pedicure gift certificate and raffle it off. Most likely you will come out in the positive after the raffle. However, the only way to ensure you are in the positive is to have your items donated. So swallow that pride sister and go for it. The worst that will happen is that people will say “no thank you” and as long as you have a grateful attitude even toward them listening to what you had to say you will have no problem moving on to ask next business or friend for help.

    Think about your area and what interests people the most. For us, we approached our father inlaw for a something to raffle and he owned at contracting company. He didn’t really have anything to offer except for some clothing with his company’s name on it, so he went out and purhcased a hammock and we simply put a sign up that said, “Donated By…” and this by far raised the most money at the Chinese raffle. In all honesty, most of our money was raised through the 50/50 raffle! Lets face it, people want to win money!! 😉


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    […] I posted online about our fundraiser “Adoption Rocks” t-shirts, we did pre-sales with our family and friends. Every Sunday I hope to post a photo of you wearing […]

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