The obligatory New Year post.

13 Jan

Ohhh neglected blog. How I strive to do better in 2011. ;o)

Late as usual, 2010 has come and gone and 2011 is here. Isn’t it funny how time seems to be at a stand still when you’re a kid, but flies by as an adult?!

My highlights of 2010…

I officially went into business. Mariko Photo (although still part-time) had it’s first year as a legit business.

Attending the HUGE Weddingbee meet-up in Vegas (and the WPPI)! Soooo much fun!

Lil’ B turned 6!!

AND started kindergarten!

Jeremy, Lil’ B and I went camping. Had an awesome time! Sorry no photos of that one.

We spent the weekend in Philly and hit up the Please Touch Museum. Blake luuuurve it!

Jeremy had a plethora of shows this  year. If you didn’t know, he produces hip  hop beats and also enjoys performing for fun.

We decided to add to our family through adoption! And thus leading to our massive paperwork and journey.

Worst of 2010:

  • Having to buy a new car after my Rav4 totally took a dump on me….and that was after I already threw in THOUSANDS for a new transmission. We weren’t planning on having to buy a new car for a few more years.
  • Jeremy was unemployed for about 2 months. And while he did eventually find work, it was rough financially for a short while. I know the economy took a dump, but who would have thought that 20+ job applications and resumes would be soooo daunting.

2011 has already been eventful!

  • We *finally* had our homestudy interviews!! Eeeep!
  • Toyota FINALLY (after 6 months) paid me $$ for an extended warrenty they put out for the exact same issues I was having with my Rav4. They paid me in FULL for all my transmission problems!

And the worst of 2011 already…

  • The program I work for is still fighting to get its yearly funding. :o(
    Which means that unless we get our funding approved, I might be unemployed. Here’s the news clip!

What was your best and worst of 2010?


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