2011…not what I expected.

11 Jul

I realize its been a good minute since I’ve posted regularly. Shame on me. Life has been it’s usual unpredictable self and has thrown us many unexpected challenges. So far, I feel like we’ve managed to overcome them or at least most of them. 2011 just hasn’t been what I expected. We are over halfway through the year and it seems that the twists and turns are yet to be over.

A re-cap on the old news, and new news…at least to you.

Back in January, We had our homestudy interviews completed. We received a nice refund check from Toyota for all the car issues we had. I worried about possibly losing my job due to lack of government funding, but overall it looked like 2011 would be good to us.

February: We had our zumabthon and raised a nice chunk of cash to put towards our adoption.

And I lost my job. Yup, the program I worked for had to lay off close to 60 employees (out of about 80-ish) due to lack of funding.

March: My husband also lost his job. So now we’re both unemployed. And on top of that we find out that we didn’t meet one qualification to adopt from the Philippines. So, we switched to the Korea program, but was worried about how we were going to finance everything.

April: I got a temporary position working in the DC/VA area (a good 3 hours from where we live), filling in for a gal who is on maternity leave. This is the main reason to why I haven’t posted, I’ve just been busy and unavailable. While it has been great to *try to* save some money, pay off some bills and be off of unemployment, it also has been hard trying to drive back and forth from VA to PA (in madd traffic), be away from my hubbers and have a house that is mine. I have been renting a room out a soldier’s house while he’s deployed; there is another tenant also renting from this house, so it has been interesting living with a roomie (that is NOT my hubbers) and a dog with separation anxiety.

We were then told that from our agency that we might have difficulties adoption from Korea, due to their over-sight. I will get into this later, because I feel like that should be a post all on its own.

May: I am getting used to working and commuting in the VA/DC area and have met some great people to talk to and hang out with. Still missing my hubbers, but I drive home just about EVERY weekend (even though most of that weekend is spent running errands or working at the guard unit). Hubbers still has no luck finding employment though. 😦

June: Still in VA/DC. I am finally able to save some $$. Which is great since this temporary stint is almost over and soon I’ll be back on unemployment. We haven’t been able to save much money, because hubbers is still unemployed; we’ve had to manage paying EVERYTHING (ie. mortgage, car payment, utilities, groceries, my rent in VA and metro/parking there, AND hubber’s child support) on my measly paycheck. ::sigh::

July: My stint in DC/VA is almost over. I will be officially home in PA mid-July. And while I’ll be back on unemployment, I’m super excited to be back in my own space (where I can walk around the house naked if I want to), sleep in my own bed and cuddles with hubbers. We’re still very unsure about our immediate future since hubbers is still looking for work. I am entertaining the idea of possibly going back to school…full-time, with use of the GI Bill. Since my school will be paid for, we just need to make sure we can afford to pay our bills without me bringing in a pay check. This is all pending that hubbers finds work…SOON.

THAT is my update. Please feel free to send good juju my way.
More updates to come…


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